ABC Preschool

Curriculum British Curriculum
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ABC Preschool is a renowned educational institution that follows the British curriculum. With a focus on providing a solid foundation for early learning, ABC Preschool aims to nurture young minds and prepare them for future academic success. By incorporating the British curriculum, the preschool ensures that children receive a well-rounded education that encompasses various subjects and developmental areas. Through engaging activities, interactive learning materials, and skilled educators, ABC Preschool creates a stimulating and inclusive environment where children can thrive and grow. By choosing ABC Preschool, parents can be confident that their child’s educational journey will be guided by internationally recognized standards and best practices.

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    • Villa 50 Road 1101, 711, Tubli
    • 17785795

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    • Timings Sunday - Thursday 7:30AM to 1:00PM Friday - Saturday Closed