Ajyaal Montessori Pre-School

Curriculum British Curriculum
Founded 2006
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At Ajyaal, we strive to create a place of excellence, of unsurpassed standards for the provision of quality childcare, where beauty is abundant most notably in the hearts and souls of the people who work here. Montessori believed that beauty and nature brought forth the most positive instincts in the child. The classrooms are purposefully designed using neutral colours as bright and colourful rooms tend to over stimulate a child, whereas the natural tones enhance peace, calm and a better opportunity to focus.

Our setting is distinguished by its bilingual Programs. Both English and Arabic teachers work daily, side-by-side, in the same classroom, offering children maximum exposure to both languages. From the moment children are born until about the age of five years a child attains language with almost no direct teaching, absorbing the language in his environment without difficulty, no matter how complex the language is.

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