AlFalah Private Schools

Curriculum American Cirriculum
Founded 1990
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Why AlFalah?

Alfalah Schools provide exceptional educational environment that is according to international quality standards. Alfalah schools offer modern facilities, spacious classrooms and many recreational facilities including summer camps and special courses for memorizing the Holy Quran.

The schools are equipped with modern health care units that take care of our students including follow-up vaccinations for students and cases of chronic diseases.
Schools cafeterias are also equipped according to health and hygiene requirements,in order to provide quality food in cooperation with specialized catering companies.


Leadership in quality education, aiming at outputs of integrated personality and distinctive capabilities that are able to keep pace with the advancements of civilization and interact positively with life developments.




Al Falah Schools in the Kingdom of Bahrain is a private educational institution characterized by its comprehensive curriculum based on the development of scientific, behavioral and skills aspects according to the principles of Islam and the values of citizenship.

It strives to graduate outstanding men and women, who are proud of their cultural identity and belonging to their homeland; who are able to contribute qualitatively and effectively to the development of their home countries with their knowledge and their skills in thinking, leadership, innovation and lifelong learning.

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    • Timings Sunday - Thursday 6:00AM to 2:30PM Friday & Saturday: Closed,