Alia for Early Intervention

Curriculum Early Intervention
Founded 1998
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Alia For Early Intervention offers evaluation, early Intervention Services and case management to eligible children and their families. Children eligible for services must be: three years old/ of age at the time of referral, and suspected of developmental delay or diagnosed with a physical or mental condition, resulting in a high probability of delay in the following areas:

· Cognitive development
· Communication development
· Social or emotional development
· Physical development

The children follow a range of interventions, depending on their individual needs. Most of the children follow the Applied Behavior Analysis programs. This is a one to one intervention that teaches the children various skills in receptive language, expressive language, and imitation, play skills, independent work and academics. Addition to the ABA programs, the children also follow the Miller Method and TEACCH.

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    • Timings Sunday - Thursday 7:30AM to 1:00PM Friday - Saturday Closed