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Founded 2008
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Bahrain Polytechnic has been established by the Bahrain Government to address the need for a skilled Bahraini labour force, with the aim of supporting economic growth and diversification. Bahrain Polytechnic delivers applied, professional and technical qualifications. Graduates will be work-ready; confident and competent, aware of what is expected of them in the professional world, and able to perform to their full potential. Programss, qualifications and courses, and the underlying methodology of how they are delivered are developed in consultation with businesses, industries, professions, international education and training institutions.

This strategy, set by the Board of Trustees, will ensure that Bahrain Polytechnic graduates meet the needs of the labour market, thus supplying Bahrain’s economy with a source of highly skilled graduates. Programss – Bachelor of Business – Bachelor of International Logistics Management – Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology – Bachelor of Visual Design – Bachelor of Web Media – Academic Preparation

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    • Number of Staff: 100
    • Number Of Students: 1000
    • Timings Sunday - Thursday 7:30AM to 3:30PM Friday - Saturday 8:00AM - 2:00PM